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New Year's Resolutions

Here are some of your New Years Resolutions:

learn spanish; 2. lose 15 pounds; 3. step out of office @ lunch for walk around the block Thu, 1/1/09 4:33 PM the only resolution I have is work , work and work and try to save a little if possible, with the way the economy is going Tue, 12/30/08 1:04 PM I plan to get financing for the business I've been developing for the last 1 1/2 years. Procrastination is not the issue. It's my health. If I can stay healthy, and my wife is really helping me here, I hope to get my new biz of the the ground before I hit my 61st B-day in May. Mon, 12/29/08 7:25 PM get to the gym more often; I do plan to keep this resolution; I have ALREADY began to go (I got a head start) :-) Mon, 12/29/08 1:43 PM Spend less and pay off bills. Mon, 12/29/08 10:13 AM Well, lose weith of course- and yes I will. Excercise more (maybe) and change jos ? Maybe ! Bob VL Mon, 12/29/08 8:52 AM Take a leadership seminar get a business coach Sun, 12/28/08 9:02 PM become a member of my church, volunteer at church, and do more to help others, lose 10 pounds and keep it off Sun, 12/28/08 8:50 PM I shall be more selective with the people I see in my sales meetings and continiue to acquire more knowledge to be more effective Sun, 12/28/08 6:16 PM To pass Transport phenomena! Sat, 12/27/08 11:22 PM My New Year's Resolution is to draw nearer to Jesus. Robin Sat, 12/27/08 10:33 PM I've decided to pursue a new career as a voice actor (voice-overs, on-air announcing, etc.). Tonya, thanks for all that you do! Sat, 12/27/08 9:32 PM Increase my workout time by 5 minutes each day. Eat slower and chew longer. Sat, 12/27/08 9:06 PM The same as I have made many years before. To drop the 30 lbs. of excess weight that cripple my self image and make me very unhappy with "me!" I fail it every single year. I long to say NO, it will not keep me back this year. My resolve goes on all year long but I never stick with it long enough to be the woman I am hiding under this fat self I have designed for some odd reason or another...? Sat, 12/27/08 6:56 PM A more conscientious, realistic attention to fitness and exercise--body, mind, and soul. Sat, 12/27/08 6:32 PM stay centered, live simpler Sat, 12/27/08 6:31 PM My resolutions are to continue the current goals I have including a comfortable walk with my Christian life, and improving my investment consultant business, increasing my monthly income above 25k, or more, meet a suitable woman for me, and train physically more efficient. Also, I will travel more, if only domestically more, and love people better as well. In closing meet you at an event hopefully ;D God Bless you ! Sat, 12/27/08 5:54 PM Look for the positive in life, not always focus on the negative. Sat, 12/27/08 4:06 PM One of my resolution for 2009 is to be more aware of my own body language, especially my voice. I always get perceived as shy and quiet, but that is really not me. I usually try to set my goals high, but at the same time I want to be able to achieve them. Sat, 12/27/08 3:58 PM Learn more polically; to figure out how to get politicians to listen to "the People". Knowledge is power, and I want a better USA. Sat, 12/27/08 3:03 PM Let us raise a new standards to which wise and honest can develop harmonious understanding relationship to serve people. Sat, 12/27/08 2:20 PM I resolve to buy another American car. We need to keep the jobs here. I own a Mercedes ML320 CDI (diesel), A Porsche Cab 997/911, a 95 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, 1958 AC Aceca, and now a Jeep Commander Limited. This Jeep has been great - comfortable and trouble free. Come on people - take another look at GM, Jeep and Ford. Happy New Year. Sat, 12/27/08 1:52 PM Finish my nursing degree. This economy has forced me to seek security instead of taking risks to make the big bucks. Sat, 12/27/08 1:27 PM To have more Fun this Year than last Year! Sat, 12/27/08 1:24 PM I am looking to achieve really good balance between business and personal lives. I know that is vague, isn't it? Sat, 12/27/08 1:18 PM quit smoking, lose 5-10 pounds, cut back in spending Sat, 12/27/08 1:15 PM None, I never make any resolution, therefore I never break any ;-) Sat, 12/27/08 1:15 PM Improve my time management skills; 2) get more sleep; 3) improve my disposition (which can easily occur after I improve items 1 and 2); 4) improve the feeling of just "being." Happy 2009! I enjoy your segment on the O'Reilly Factor. Thanks for the opportunity! Sat, 12/27/08 1:15 PM

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