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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Part II

Neuro Linguistic Programming is more down to earth than its name would suggest. It is not a mind bending theorem that can only be understood by someone in a clinical lab coat. It is closer to behavioural attitudes and everyday lives and can be utilized by anyone from high school kids to CEOs with equal profit. Techniques of NLP help you discard negative programming and change it to positive ones that arise from a better understanding of how your perceptions work for you. Basic NLP helps boost personal growth and well being and can easily become part of daily routine. But an advanced version is of tremendous benefit in the professional level for business executives, sales executives, lawyers, politicians, doctors, counsellors, teachers, actors, and anybody who wants to go places in their chosen field.

Advanced NLP is a great motivational tool that keeps you in view of your goals and energised enough to want to achieve them with a minimum of fuss and hassles. There is never a dull moment when you know clearly what you want, why you want and when you would want it by. This ' knowing' takes care of stress related issues that would otherwise hold you back or frazzle your nerves to breaking point. This pattern soon gives you a brand new self-image that increases your confidence and gets you promotions in life and career.

Advanced NLP is also a good communications tool. You will have a hypnotic audience that listen and understand your every word. You will learn how to choose the right tone, posture, and even word that will make communicating with colleagues and underlings a breeze, and one that blows profits your way rather than challenges. In turn, you will be able to read people like books with large print and adjust your thoughts and policies to accommodate and prosper rather than compromise to ignorance. You no longer find the need to play mind games and unpleasant office politics and can devote your energies and efforts to more beneficial ventures.

As you become adept in employing the tools of NLP, you are able to use language for more than peripheral communications. It becomes possible to facilitate unconscious processes whereby you achieve a certain pliancy in meetings or an ability to easily convince people of your point of view and what you have in mind. Unconscious gesturing or use of phrases triggers responses that would be of immense use to your scheme of things for the greater common good. Your ability to negotiate and manage outcomes is vastly improved. Work begins to take on a mantle of pleasure.

Tools such as anchoring are part of NLP employed to facilitate business and sales. Simply stated, anchoring is creating a cue which brings about a pre-programmed state of mind. The cue can be any gesture, word, or object, or just about anything as long as it is not commonplace or weird as snapping fingers. When presented with the particular cue, the associated emotion is brought about without any conscious effort. Salesmen employ this to finalise deals that are teetering on the edge. Executives use it to bring people around to their side of the deal.

Sometime during the early stages of the meeting a rapport is created with the client, either by sharing similar past experiences, cracking a joke that touches a chord, accompanied by a gentle touch on the shoulder or elbow. This is done at the precise height of the moment of bonhomie. Later at crucial moment when you need the client to be sympathetic or flexible, the cue is used to recreate the good feeling generated earlier. If done right, you have an amenable client who is willing to go forward with the deal. While this may smack of employing unethical means to achieve an end, as an advanced practitioner of NLP, the user would have had the training in an ethical value-based use of tools that prevents misuse. Anchoring can also be used to motivate the self with the confidence and self-esteem required to shake off previous bad experiences and carry off a sale.

More such tools are learned at the advanced NLP stage. Some of these are the Advanced Submodalities, Advanced Meta-Programmes, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Advanced Language Patterns, Sleight of Mouth, Time Line Therapy, Power of Metaphor, Changing Beliefs and Values, Reframing, and more, depending on who's teaching.

Advanced NLP opens doors of opportunities in personal and professional spheres. It is an unlearning of non-productive behaviour replaced instead with new productive ones. There's nothing new created, merely a sifting of sands that reveal new paths and strategies that already exists within, but lay unused due to unawareness. The NLP practitioner learns to let go of old patterns, adapt new ones, increase motivation, achieve goals steadfastly, reduce stress, attract new opportunities, and generally turn around a life that used to be mediocre at best, just by changing perceptions. It's as simple as turning over a new leaf, literally.

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