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Body Language - Job Interview Do's and Dont's

Make a Great First Impression

It can be difficult to be sure you are making a great impression especially when you are concerned with answering an interviewer's questions, trying to seem enthusiastic and being polite and respectful. The thing to keep in mind is that most interviewers are making a decision in the first few moments whether or not you are a possible candidate or not. The old saying that, "It's not what you say, but how you say it" has never been more true than during that short time you are given to make a great first impression with a potential employer.

A Few Body Language Don'ts

Remember that there are specific body language gestures that will send the wrong messages to the person you are speaking with. Scratching your head, folding your arms, leaning towards the door and even pointing your feet towards the exit are all ways in which you may be perceived as someone that is disinterested, unfriendly and perhaps eager to leave the room. Slouching in your seat or even picking at your clothes are other ways in which you are demonstrating to the interviewer that you are not interested or worse distracted. Other movements like rubbing your nose or covering your mouth with your hands will make you come across as dishonest.

A Few Body Language Do's

Okay so you now know a few things you should not do during a job interview. Here are a few things you should try to do. Remember to use what you know about personal space. Keep a comfortable amount of space between you and the interviewer. Be enthusiastic, sit up straight, lean in when they are speaking and show that you are alert and interested. Be sure to nod a few times when they are talking to let them know that you are paying attention. Maintain proper eye contact and be attentive. You experienced body language students may even want to use mirroring to build rapport with the interviewer. If you are not sure about these topics, be sure to check the article index. We have covered these topics in depth.

Be Confident and Alert

During the entire interview and until you are out of the building and on your way home, be sure to always be alert and confident. Always be polite and respectful when answering questions and be courteous to everyone you meet while at the location. Be sure to say goodbye and shake hands in a confident manner.

There you have it, some easy to implement body language strategies and some things to keep in mind when going on that all important job interview. Displaying the correct body language may help you shine over others that are interviewed for the same position. Good luck!

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