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4 Easy Body Language Steps to Having a Great Interaction


er the Basics

By now you should be aware that there are perhaps hundreds of body language gestures and signals that you should learn, but first you must master the basics. Once you know how to take control of your own body language, you are much more able to make all interactions more positive. Chances are good that you are involved in face to face communications on a daily basis. Learning the basics is easy but takes practice. Consider mastering these three easy steps to having great interactions with everyone you meet.

Give People your Undivided Attention

Show others that you are speaking with that you are paying attention to them. Keep yourself from shifting your weight back and forth or fidgeting. This could be sending a message that you are bored with what they are saying or would rather not be talking to them at all. Try holding your stance with good posture and pay attention to what they are saying. Nod to let them know that you hear what they are saying and maintain good eye contact.

Be Congruent with your Own Body Language

When you are speaking to someone, be sure to have your own body language match your words. If you say to someone, "I am pleased to meet you", then make sure your face and body shows that as well. Remember, it is easy to forget to live in the moment and just simply go through the motions. You may think you are showing the right body language, but you may not be, so think about what you are doing when your are doing it. If you are making a statement that you are confident in, then you should look confident. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.

Match the Pace of the Person you are Speaking With

Does the person you are speaking with make big movements? Do they talk with their hands and make big gestures? Do they have a more rapid rate of speech? Maybe they move real slow and show very little movements. Either way, you will want to match their pace. We tend to like people that are just like us. By appearing to be similar to them, you are more likely to build rapport and be liked by that person.

These three easy steps are just a beginning but easy to practice. They are a basic approach to every face to face communication you will have. By mastering these basics, you are well on your way to being a master communicator. You will find it easier also to look for and implement other body language gestures into your repertoire. Building rapport and having pleasant and easy conversations is just the beginning of becoming a skilled communicator.

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