Tonya Reiman

 Body Language Expert

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Spokesperson & Media Personality

World Hello

Ignore your mother's advice-say hello and make someone's day

How to say hello in sign language.
A downward salute is 'hello' in sign language

Some 300 people who have listed their aspirations on the website see talking more to strangers as a prime goal. World Hello Day at the end of the month offers a good opportunity for all of us to give it a go. 

On the day you are encouraged to say hello to at least ten people. You could fill your quota by sending out a generic text or e-mail. However, body language expert Tonya Reiman stresses that 60-90% of communication is non-verbal. "It is impossible to experience true communication without the benefits of nonverbal communication," she said.

The aim of the festival is to spread peace and good will and so a genuine face-to-face greeting is what the day is all about.

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