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Tonya Reiman

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Tonya Reiman on Laura Ingraham's Ingraham's Angle

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Body Language Expert

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST, MSNBC: Do you feel that he had an adequate answer to you emotionally, intellectually, historically or what you were raising tonight?

HARRIS: I think that he - you know I would like to hear him acknowledge what was wrong about perspective on busing. Listen, we were all - this busing was part of what was necessary to integrate the schools.

INGRAHAM: Joining me now to analyze that kind of bizarre looking down behavior and reaction - body language expert, Tonya Reiman. Tonya, great to see you. What do you see in this interview after this big moment she had on the debate stage by Kamala Harris? What dod you say?

TONYA REIMAN, BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Right. So when she was doing the debate when - during the debate she was right on point, had all her messages right on cue. Afterwards when she's questioned on it - just like anyone else, she has to rethink it.

So when you watch her, you know she's looking down at her notes and she's making sure she has everything proper. In addition to that, when she looks down, she's also grasping at her emotions.

When we look down what happens is, we try to get our thoughts together because we can break eye contact that way. So in that regard she's breaking eye contact to get her thoughts together and then kind of give out the same speech that she gave during the debate. The difference here was you heard a lot of "Ahs" and "Ums", so you knew that she was--

INGRAHAM: You don't think it goes - Tonya, you don't think it goes to credibility? Because I always understood that when you can't make eye contact - I think about my kids, when I ask, "Who lock this here?" "Oh" - look down. And I'm they are looking, like, "OK. Don't look at me. He did it"

REIMAN: Right.

INGRAHAM: And to me that's you better on something, you're like, yes, this happened. This happened and this was - instead it was - private insurance--

REIMAN: Yes. You know, unfortunately a lot of people are under the belief - they believe that if you can hold eye contact you're either lying or that - that's not true. Really a lot of people are just uncomfortable holding eye contact or they can't really grasp their thoughts.

So it's difficult to hold eye contact with someone and gather your thoughts and your emotions and then be able to deliver your message. So what people do is they look down to kind of break that eye contact.

INGRAHAM: Yes, I guess the - I guess for politicians when we're trying to look for who's authentic, you don't really have to think if it's who you are. You could well answer the question. You don't think much if it's like a simple. I have another moment though. This is from an interview she did this morning. Let's watch.



WILLIE GEIST, CO-ANCHOR, MSNBC: You were asked to raise your hands. The entire panel - 10 of you, if you believe eliminating private insurance should be part of the Medicare for All proposal. You and Bernie Sanders both raise your hands. Do you believe that private insurance should be eliminated in this country?


GEIST: You don't?

HARRIS: No, I do not.

GEIST: But you raised your hand last night.

HARRIS: But the question was, would you give up your private insurance for that option? And I said yes.

GEIST: I think you heard it differently than others, then.

HARRIS: Probably, because that's what I heard.


INGRAHAM: Tonya, do you think she's a little too rehearsed though and might be struggling while she's off the cough there?

REIMAN: There you could see, here's an interesting thing that does go with the normal behavior of people, right. So when we not our heads and we're talking, typically we're trying to make others agree with us. So let's see how she's nodding. Right.

So what she's doing unconsciously is not only agreeing with herself but trying to engage you to agree with her in addition to that. So when she's talking there you saw a slight negative head movement, so there was some unconscious question ability on her part.

But otherwise I think that she was being sincere when she said I did misunderstand the question, because she was nodding her own head in a slightly yes mode and then suddenly just a slight negation. So I think she was being sincere up until a point there that there was --.

INGRAHAM: Interesting.

REIMAN: --unconscious - I'm not really sure if I did understand the question properly.

INGRAHAM: All right. We've got to show you one more thing - real quick.


INGRAHAM: OK. This was President Trump with Vladimir Putin walking in Japan before the G20. I think we have the video, when he's touching his back. Yes, no, sort of? There we go.


INGRAHAM: OK. So he's touching the back of Vladimir Putin, which - yes, you see it there.


INGRAHAM: In the slo mo.

REIMAN: Right.

INGRAHAM: He is touching his back which led some commentators, Tonya, to say, "Oh, he's - it's way too cozy with Vladimir Putin". And I can't believe like we've never seen this before.


INGRAHAM: And of course, Obama did the same thing with Medvedev, except he grabbed his knee, when he was sitting across from him. But what does that mean. Is that domination or --?

REIMAN: That's a power move. Yes.

INGRAHAM: It's a power move.

REIMAN: The person who touches first is the person who is more powerful. So if you see somebody touching somebody else's back, that's a power gesture. That's a power move to say, "Hey, I'm the one who's in control. I'm the dominant force in this relationship".

INGRAHAM: Got it. Tonya, thank you so much. Great to see you tonight. Great analysis--

REIMAN: It's great to see you. Thank you.

INGRAHAM: --on Kamala and President Trump. But we are awaiting President Trump and Chinese President Xi to meet at the G20. We're going to bring it to you live, of course, as it all happens. But first Raymond Arroyo is here to break down the wildest moments from last night in this week's Friday Follies.

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