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 Picking up on facial expressions - Anger

Other than the obvious assumption that he would be annoyed at this interaction, how can one see anger in another just by looking at their face? That is what I want to discuss with you today. Over the next several weeks, we will discuss how to see emotions on the face. Of course, can you read some of those emotions without ever seeing the face? Sometimes you can… Anger can be seen by clenched fists right?. Sadness perhaps assumed by a forward leaning posture and lowered head. But, if the face is available for viewing, you can always see emotion on someone’s face, even if it there for just a flicker of a second before being quietly replaced by either a forced look of indifference or any other emotion the conversant might be trying to convey. Ok, so let’s get started. The first emotion we will discuss will be anger. What does anger look like and how do you read it on the face.

Ok, let’s get started. Let’s take a look at the picture below:

What is the first thing you notice about this expression? Yes, the eyes. Can you see how they appear to be piercing. Typically, when the gaze is this piercing the message is more intentional and more emphatic. The signs of anger are severe in that when you have someone who is truly angry, you will see the anger in three different areas of the face. You will see the eyebrows squish together and come down. The eyes themselves will either look wide open and piercing or small like two narrow slits. In the picture above you can see that his eyebrows are down low (you can barely see his eyelids), and his lower eyelids are tense. When someone is angry you will notice the brow furrows and vertical lines might form in between the brows. Move down the face now and see his nostrils appearing to be flaring, they look wide open. Move down a little further and you can notice immediately that his lips are tightly pressed together and he has a little bit of a bulge beneath his lower lip. That bulge gets bigger as the lips get tighter. The lips get tighter as the anger get more intense. 


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