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Presuppositions of Awareness

Presuppositions of Awareness:

Did you know that there were a few words in the English Language that could really make a difference in your ability to persuade. These words are called presuppositions. The subtle use of presuppositions can have an enormous impact when you use them in your writing and your speaking. Now, needless to say, they have to be used intelligently. You never want to sound silly or amateurish. 

What exactly is a presupposition? Presupposition: the act of presupposing; a supposition made prior to having knowledge (as for the purpose of argument) 

Do you want to do it again? (Presupposition: You have done it already, at least once.) Assumptions are the basis of presupposition.

Presuppositions of Awareness

We utilize presuppositions of awareness to direct another’s attention to what we would like them to focus on. Words like aware, notice, sense, realize, consider, think/thought and any sensory word (see, hear, feel) are all presuppositions of awareness.

How does this work? Easy. You decide what decision action or belief you want to induce in someone and then you introduce the idea with presuppositions such as: 

Do you need to walk around the backyard again before you sign the contract?

It is assumed that you are going to sign the contract.

Here are some additional examples:

Are you aware of how powerful your subconscious mind is? Once I give you these techniques, you can apply them to your business and personal relationships and start seeing changes right away.

Once you begin to notice the weight coming off, you will feel much better about yourself.

As we get closer to the new house you'll start to realize what a great neighborhood it is in. With all the lushness of the area, It just feels like home. 

Now that you have seen yourself in this new car, the only question left is which color; red or blue.

Of course, it needs to be stressed that this must conclude with a win/win situation. The purpose of this is not to attempt to fool someone but rather to guide them with the effective use of information. This can easily break rapport if used in a way that doesn't support the other person’s best interests.

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