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  • A video of Melania Trump appearing to reject Donald Trump's attempt to hold her hand is going viral.
  • The video comes on the heels of allegations from porn star Stormy Daniels that Trump had an affair with Daniels and paid her off to stay quiet about it.
  • A body language expert says it could demonstrate that Melania may not have — or want — a connection with her husband.

The relationship between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania has been under a microscope lately. This is largely due to the well-publicized allegations that Trump had an affair with porn star Stormy Daniels and paid her to be quiet about it. And a new video of Melania appearing to reject the president's hand-holding advancesis only adding to the conversation. 

In the video, President Trump makes more than a few attempts to get Melania's attention and grasp her hand. 

People immediately began calling out what they perceived to be a deeply uncomfortable moment. 

Most of the Twitter commentators were pretty spot-on, according to body language expert Tonya Reiman. 

She told INSIDER the video made her feel uncomfortable because Trump appears to reach out to Melania at least six times and she doesn't respond once. 

"She takes a big breath in, which we usually do when we are upset, and she sways back and forth in what appears to be a way to gently move away from his hand," Reiman told INSIDER. "Trump comes across as needy since he is insistent on holding her hand when she is clearly not interested." 

Not every couple demonstrates affection through physical touch. But the fact that Melania almost always appears to evade Trump's grasp could point to other issues in the relationship. 

"Hand holding demonstrates affection — touch connects us. Based on the last few handholding snubs as well as her facial expressions, it appears she does not want that connection," Reiman told INSIDER. "Holding the hand of someone you don't want to hold hands with is almost as hard as looking into their eyes. It can actually make you feel worse." 

Of course, there is no way to tell for sure what this tiny moment might indicate for the Trumps' relationship. But it is useful, at the very least, for creating internet memes. 

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