Hypnosis for weight loss should be considered if you have tried several ways to lose weight. It should also be considered if you are a binge eater and end up feeling deprived and anxious. You may also find a release from the prison of eating disorders with the help of hypnosis. 
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Lose Weight  Fast With Hypnosis
Do not allow eating to rule your life. Do not allow yourself to feel out of control with eating. You can have a healthy relationship with food and end the constant dieting, overeating & binge eating. Hypnosis can help you reach your naturalweight without feeling deprived or hungry. You can gain positive results within a few sessions of hypnotherapy.  This is one of the gentlest ways to lose weightand stop binge eating.

Stop binge eating.
Do not be trapped in the diet and binge cycle feeling the need to eat excessive amounts of food, feeling that you just cannot stop or control what you are eating.  There is help available and your first step is to call me or email me directly.  With the help of hypnosis you can stop binge eating and start a healthy relationship with food. Learn how to eat great and lose weight. 
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Why Do We Gain Weight?

Simply put we gain weight when you burn fewer calories than you consume. This is a  fact. Genetics can also play a part.  Hypnosis is effective with weight loss because it can address the root of the adverse effects in our life and help us to reprogram ourselves.

We have been brought up to associate all different emotions with eating. Most people eat when they are sad, angry, upset, frustrated, lonely or just plain bored. Stop the cycle. Learn how to lose weight and be happy and healthy. 

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 learn more about how one individual lost 13 lbs in one week.


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The recent diet challenge show on Dateline compared the use of several diet programs. Dateline wanted to show REAL people going through different diet programs. The results? The person who used hypnosis for his weight loss lost 35 lbs; 13 lbs after only one week.  He suddenly  loved to workout, eat right, and never felt hungry! 

Marc Merlis was the hypnosis subject in this Dateline Show. Marc is a baker by trade who, before hypnosis, had a weakness for food. Hisweight was a serious problem. His father had died of heart disease at 50 and Marc's cholesterol and blood pressure were dangerously high. Marc's goal: focus on his weight and more importantly, his health.

Two months in, the man who originally couldn't get into his varsity jacket, couldn't be held back. Marc steadily worked with a fitness trainer and religiously listened to his tapes of his hypnotist. After three months under hypnosis, his wife had a nickname for him, "droopy drawers".

After seeing his success, Marc's wife wanted to quit smoking and went to the hypnotist -guess what? Smoke free. 

This could happen for you too! 

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