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An intake interview is done on the first visit.  Information is gathered, including family and medical history, general life-style information and whatever else (the client) or I feel is pertinent or necessary. The interview is similar to any other counseling interview.   

During this interview both written and verbal information about your issues is gathered. Information such as when the issue is a problem. when it is worse or  better, how it affects you, how would you like it to be. 

I'll also look at the possibility that you've come to "change" for someone else.   It's important that you understand that for lasting change to take place your decision to undertake hypnotherapy must be self-directed.

If you are seeing a hypnotherapist for the first time, you probably do not know what to expect; and might have misconceptions about the process. For instance, you may feel very relaxed, or you might feel very alert and may question whether you've been hypnotized.  During our pre-induction interview, I will explain how hypnosis is an interactive experience between us. And that we will build the trance together. (All hypnosis is self hypnosis).   I will also explain how your subconscious will lead you to just the right depth of trance to accomplish your goals. This is also the time to find out what type of induction will suit you best and what suggestions will be appropriate for you.  We'll establish trust, build rapport, build your sense of positive expectation and correct any misconceptions you have. Each subsequent session begins will begin with a pre-induction interview to determine the goal for that particular session.

Next,  positive  goals are set.  Together, we'll identify a goal that is realistic, believable and achievable.  

There are many types of inductions and trance deepeners for various kinds of hypnotherapy.  Over several sessions, inductions can become instantaneous or rapid because positive expectation and post hypnotic suggestions for trance have been established.  However,  typical inductions can last from 10-30 minutes and incorporate several induction styles.

The reframing process is a rapid and long lasting way for a client to process and reframe old beliefs, emotions and patterns of behavior. The result is a shift is in the structure of the subconscious and using the various protocols listed below, a client can actually experience a new state of being with the reframed experience becoming a part of their inner realities. 

The post-hypnotic suggestions are programmed as part of the intervention.  The purpose of the post-hypnotic suggestion is to enable you to use solutions discovered and experienced during trance to change responses and behaviors in the future, when they are needed. 

A post hypnotic suggestion empowers you by accessing resources in the subconscious mind without the continued need for the hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist's primary role is to facilitate a bridge between the client's conscious and subconscious.

Mental rehearsal is simply a way of checking the efficacy of the post-hypnotic suggestions and determining whether or not the processes were completed.  Basically, we find out if we have located and addressed the core issue.  You'll know success has been achieved if you are able to imagine yourself in a situation that previously triggered undesirable responses and  you are now able to invoke the newly anchored response.  The goal is to be able to imagine yourself able to actually experience the new response.

After "awakening" suggestions are given, you will emerge, remember, and feel wonderfully refreshed from the hypnotic experience.

Initial session is 90 minute in length. 
A single session is 60 minutes in length. 

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