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 Spokesperson & Media Personality 

APPLICATION FORM to join six other individuals on an annual basis to work with Tonya to improve your nonverbals to help from everything from your personal life to your professional life.  


Master the skills necessary to interpret and decode human behavior 

more information to follow shortly!

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​Coaching Club

LIVE TRAINING, ONLINE COURSES Coaching Club and PowerRoom with Tonya Reiman


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Let Tonya be your own personal life coach either in person or via Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Professional Speaking Course

Would you like to be part of a group AND receive individual attention?

Do you learn better when you are part of a small group and receive some one-on-one instruction?

Do you need a more customized approach to learn very specific body language strategies to advance your career?

The PowerRoom may be your answer!

Tonya has opened up her schedule to allow for private and small group coaching. For private coaching email us and we will send you the details. All members will be required to fill out a simple coaching application to determine your needs and interests.

See below for the PowerRoom 2018 group details: 

Understanding that people work with those they TRUST is obvious yet, people aren't always able to read or send the signals of trust. Being able to identify the WHY and creating a compelling emotional connection that facilitates trust and encourages loyalty is a hard process, yet worth every moment. 


Individual Skype call 45 Minute Goal** Discussion • What do you want to achieve • What are you willing to do • Initial assessment • Plan of action Webinar -- 60 Minutes - The Powerful Mindset 40 Minute Lecture/20 Minute Roundtable discussion with Q&A • Recognizing the significance of the first few seconds • Increase your self esteem • Understand the 6 barriers to change • Change your brain chemistry and reduce stress

Webinar -- 60 Minutes -- Level II Nonverbals 40 Minute Lecture/20 Minute Roundtable discussion with Q&A • Picking up on microexpressions • Understanding microgestures • Learning to put the cues of deception detection together • Overview of the 3 layered brain

Webinar -- 60 Minutes -- Gender Differences and Leadership 40 Minute Lecture/20 Minute Roundtable discussion with Q&A • Where do our differences lie • Genderspeak -- how to speak and be heard • Building comfort with uncomfortable situations

Individual Skype call 60 Minute Close out** • Review presentation • Positive behaviors • Negative behaviors that undermine • Whats next -- Plan of action

Participation in this series requires: Computer speakers, webcam, various assignment including videotaping presentations, reading and writing. Please be prepared to work and invest several hours per week. 

2018 Dates: 

Session 1 February CLOSED

Session 2 April    CLOSED

Session 3 June

Session 4 August

Session 5 October

2019 Dates to be announced on BLACK FRIDAY.

Each session runs approximately 3 months 

Cost: $995

book within the prior month and receive a 20% DISCOUNT


If you missed our GRAND OPENING Bootcamp, make sure you are registered for our next Bootcamp which will be held in September, 2018 IN OUR NEW TRAINING CENTER.  Fill out the quick form below to learn how you can get a "first" time ONLY  35% Discount 


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