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It must be said that the Republican Party was NEVER the party of open
mindedness and tolerance. For many years it was the party of Richard Nixon,
Jessie Helms and Pat Buchanan. But it also was the party of Eisenhower with
moderates like Jacob Javitz, Jack Kemp and other North East rock ribbed
Republicans who espoused small government, tax cuts and a strong military while
being open to people of color and the world.
Well, that party no longer exists. Today’s Republican Party is the party of Trump
where the “R” after the politician’s name stand more for “Rich”, “Religious” and/or
Donald Trump’s only real accomplishment so far has been his fat Fat Tax Cut
of2018. Granted it gave a temporary sugar high to an already growing Obama
Expansion. But it unnecessarily added over $1.5 TRILLION to our already
exploding National Debt.
And what exactly did it get us? Well, if you’re an average middle class person like
myself, the extra $15-20/ week in my check was not really obvious or felt. But
when I had to get the taxes down for 2018, I like so many others was horrifically
shocked at the difference I now had to pay back the government: many middle
class, suburban tax breaks were gone. It really hurt. For the top 10%, it was a
huge windfall, a gift. But for the rest of us, it was a huge Nothing Burger.
That doesn’t sound very “populist” to me. It sounds actually like your basic
Republican Party doctrine over the past 40 years: cut taxes for the top and hope
that it trickles down to the rest of us.
And what about those pesky regulations that Trump has cut. Populist? Not really.
It just means that those huge corporations get to spend less on protecting our
food supply, our air quality, our product safety, our rivers, etc but get to make
more in profits and keep more in profits. Also many of those regulations allowed
more people to have healthcare through Obamacare. That sounds more elitist
than populist.

Today’s Trump Party also panders to the other “R”, the religious right wing.
Trump’s policies have empowered religious people to discriminate against people
they disapprove of because of their religious beliefs. He has appointed Supreme
Ct justices that believe its ok for a Christian baker to refuse to perform a service,
in this case to bake a cake for a same sex wedding, because he feels same sex
marriage is against his religious beliefs. Frankly, that is just an excuse to protect
bigotry and discrimination under the guise of “religious liberty’.
Furthermore, Trump has gotten rid of the dog whistle when it comes to Racism,
the final “R”. Can any rational, decent American deny Donald Trump is not a
racist? Just look at his long running obsession with Barrack Obama. Trump is
obsessed with overturning EVERY Obama policy whether it be foreign policy or
domestic. In Trump World, a black man cannot be successful. And Obama was a
hugely successful president.
Trump sees things through the racist lens of white grievances over the decades:
“The blacks get everything”, “But if a white person did it, everyone would be up in
arms!” “You can’t do that if you are white and get away with it!”
His obsession started when he wrongly accused Obama of being born in Kenya:
That is code for not being a “real American.” But his racist obsession continues to
this day. Just the other day Trump spewed how he thought Biden used to “kiss
Obama’s ass”. Sounds like the usual racist code for white people being subjugated
to black people because of slavery that happened “so long ago, I never owned any
slaves.” The code that plays on the fears of “the blacks” getting a pass or a hand
out and white people falling behind and losing ground to unworthy black people.
People like Trump really believe white people have it so bad and are under siege.
He understands their fears and plays on that fear, on economic insecurity in our
current economy. Trump cons these poor and middle class voters to support him
as he goes about rewarding the top 10%.
In sum today’s Republican Party is the Party of Trump. It is not enough to just stop
Trump next November. No. Donald Trump and Trumpism needs to be wiped away

from our politics. They need their political clocks cleaned next year. Trumpism
needs to be soundly defeated. Then we can sit back and watch a new Republican
Party coalesce into a decent political entity for the future.

Tonya Reiman

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