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CALLING ALL HARRY POTTER FANS. I come bearing some big news. Neville Longbottom is married! OK, well, I don't know about the character, but the actor who plays him, Matthew Lewis, just tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Angela Lewis. The Harry Potter star announced his wedding with a beautiful image on Twitter, and according to a body language expert, Matthew Lewis and Angela Jones’ wedding photo says a lot about their relationship.

Let's backtrack for a second here. Before tying the knot in the secret ceremony, Cosmopolitan Australia reports the two got engaged in Paris in November 2016after only a few short months of dating. "They're both over the moon," a rep for Lewis said. "They got together in July and hit it off straight away." Now that they've spent almost two years engaged, it's safe to say that they've spent enough time together to know this is the real deal. 

Lewis originally posted the picture from their ceremony on Twitter along with this hilarious caption: 

Not only did I miss @ArcticMonkeys in LA but they were performing in Italy at the same time we were there and my wife made me get married instead. Fuming.

Um, who knew Neville Longbottom was such a jokester?! And apparently such a diehard Arctic Monkeys fan!?

I asked body language expert Tonya Reiman, author of The Power of Body Language, to analyze this adorable image for clues about their relationship. And boy, oh, boy, did she have a lot to say. 

First, Reiman would like to direct our attention to where Lewis has his hands placed. "Typically, when a man is covering his solar plexus area [the stomach], it is a protection gesture which demonstrates he might be slightly uncomfortable or nervous," she explains. "His left hand is in his pocket. Typically, this is indicative of someone who is being secretive and comes across negatively, especially as it is the hand closest to his new bride." Oof. Well, that's not a great sign. But Reiman notes that "this could also be a pose the photographer requested as hand in pocket is normal for photographers."




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